Google Adsense Pays Thru Western Union in Saudi Arabia

It has been announced by Adsense that they are now including Saudi Arabia as country eligible to be paid thru Western Union

Good news! We’ve expanded Western Union Quick Cash as an AdSense payment method to 10 new countries: Saudi Arabia, Croatia, Iceland, United Arab Emirates, Latvia, Lebanon, Slovenia, Tunisia, Moldova and Malta. If you live in any of these locations, you can now sign up to receive your AdSense payments from your local Western Union agent. With Western Union, you’ll receive your earnings sooner, since you won’t have to wait for checks to arrive in the mail or clear at the bank. Plus, AdSense won’t charge you a fee to use this payment method.

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I am actually one of those Adsense Publisher who have been part of their testing stage. They have contacted and tried to use Western Union. Until now I can see that there are great advantages of using Western Union vs the cheque which always cuts $24 from my earnings. Thanks Google.

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5 Responses to “Google Adsense Pays Thru Western Union in Saudi Arabia”

  1. syed jameel on July 3rd, 2011 7:21 am

    hello sir ! plz give me details for google addword or google ads.plz give me full details for this things


  2. Kotsengkuba on July 13th, 2011 5:47 pm

    Hello Dexter, I’ve read this post long before I came here in the desert and now I’m planning to update my adsense address to our villa’s address here in Jeddah because no one can now claim my adsense payments in the Philippines. But is it really advisable here? Regards to your family!


    Dexter Panganiban Reply:

    @Kotsengkuba, I don’t know how you could transfer the details of Adsense, But since you are here it would be advisable to get it from here in Saudi Arabia thru Western Union. Just make sure your iqama coincides with your name exactly


  3. Bob on August 17th, 2011 4:14 pm

    Hello Sir Dex. Ang address nyo po ba sa Adsense noong nakatangap kau ng payment sa Saudi is jan din or sa Pinas? heheh Halimbawa po kasi ang address na nasa adsense account is pinas pero kung wala ka sa pinas possible ba un na mapick up sa western sa ibang bansa?


    Dexter Panganiban Reply:

    @Bob, OO sa saudi pa rin :).. Kailangan kung saaan ka naroroon yung ang gagamitin mo sa western union para ma pick up mo. Di mo makukuha kung nasa saudi ka at naka address sa pinas


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