iPhone 4 Repair Manuals Uploaded

Finally iPhone 4 Repair Manual is uploaded in the net, uploads is not hosted in this site but the uploads shows the following instructions : I believe the 1.7 Millions user as of Last Saturday will definitely need this Manual after some time. So if you own iPhone 4 you might need this in future.

iPhone 4 Repair Manuals

iPhone 4 Battery replacement
iPhone 4 Dock Connector replacement
iPhone 4 Front Facing Camera replacement
iPhone 4 front panel assembly
iPhone 4 Home Button replacement
iPhone 4 Logic Board replacement
iPhone 4 Rear camera replacement
iPhone 4 Rear Panel replacement
iPhone 4 Speaker Enclosure replacement
iPhone 4 Vibrator replacement

iFixit uploaded 10 step-by-step guides which cover the following repairs.

You can check them out @  iFixit thanks to Gadget Venue

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