Pegatron To Begin Shipment of iPhone 5 on September

Pegatron To Begin Shipment of iPhone 5 on September

iPhone 5 rumors is all around the net, the latest iPhone 5 rumors said that it will be launched on October after Pegatron, who have made 10 Million Pieces of iPhone 5 device order from Apple ,has been rumored shipping iPhone 5 on September according to Digitimes .

Everybody knows that Foxconn,Taiwan-based technology manufacturer, is the main supplier of iPhones to Apple. It seems that Apple is anticipating the high demand of iPhone 5 when it is launched.

It will also means that rumors that the unit will be seen at the end of August is false. We still don’t know if the Chinese really got the same design of iPhone 5 as shown in the fake iPhone 5 reports that we have yesterday.

But of course nobody knows at this time the real deal about iPhone 5, it is all about rumors. Everything about the iPhone 5 is still unknown and for sure apple fans is eagerly waiting for the latest phone to be introduced this year. This make me decide to wait for iPhone 5 before buying my new phone. My Nokia E71 is too old.

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