How to Build Blogspot Blogs ?

To those who are asking on how to build a Blogspot blogs. This post is for you.

Blogspot Blogs is owned by Google. They will allow you to create a blog and to make money online out of it. Make money online using Adsense, Chitika or other make money online site available to the web.

It is easy to start a blog using BlogSpot, you just have to proceed to and think of a domain name that will be suitable to the niche blog that you needs to work. (i.e ). All domain name registered with with it. That is the difference if you can invest for a $10 domain name from Godaddy or any other domain name provider.

But don’t worry if you don’t have money and you want want to make a blog as soon as possible, their will be an automatic redirect on time that the blog name will be change using the purchased domain name.

There are ready template for every blog so it is not required to have deep knowledge with HTML at the start. Later on you will start to learn HTML. What is great from is everything is for free.

You also need to put the small description of your blog. Some says that blogspot blogs could easily by crawl compared to others, since it is owned by google.

But don’t use blogspot blogs to spam, remember it is own by Google. They could easily detect it. Then set it up so that everybody could see your blog. : Set up on How to Enable Blogspot Blogs to be viewed by all

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