How To Insert Links to Your RSS Feeds

I have received question from Ordinacin ( Techathand reader ) in one of my post regarding the tips that I have written in order to be in Google and Yahoo SERP Page # 1 or 2 from an SEO Contest.

Please find below a tutorial tutorial on how to insert links in RSS feeds for WordPress and Blogspot Users . The tutorials is intended for Blogspot and WordPress users, (This is the only platform that I know ). We will also explain the relevance of this links to blogger’s SERP ( Search Engine Ranking Page ) Ranking.

A question from Ordinacin from my Lesson Learn from Marhgil Macuha SEO Contest post.

Hey Dexter, what do you mean by the feeds technique ?

The Feeds Technique

I have included a link to my post in all my feeds.

I will try to answer questions on how to insert Feed Links or Feed Footer on your RSS Feeds.

How to put RSS feeds Links in Blogspot?

It is rather easy to put feeds links in Blogspot since it is readily available for their Dashboard. Just follow the bellow instruction

  1. Go to Dashboard >>> Setting >>> Site Feed >>> Post Feed Footer
  2. Enter the HTML Code linking to any post or Website that you like to link.
  3. You must also set “Enable Post Pages” to “Yes” (in Archiving settings) [ Dashboard >>> Setting >>> Archiving >>> Post Feed Footer
  4. Set “Allow Blog Feeds” to “Full” (above).

And so there you have it. You can now put links to your feeds. Many bloggers does not know that this links is also an effective way to advertise and add some juice to their site.

How to put RSS Feed Links in WordPress ?

Unlike Blogspot self hosted WordPress does not have an ready available option to this but instead a wordpress user can add a plugin that will be suitable for this task. Daily Blog Tips has written a post regarding this task ( Add a Footer to Your RSS Feed: 7 Practical Examples ) which also gives the following wordpress plugin. BTW I am using RSS Signature for this blog with WordPress 2.3.2 installed

Here is an example of my feed for this blog.

© 2008 Thanks for subscribing to my feeds please visit the for more great content.

How will this help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) of a certain page or site ?

It helps in many ways, If there are website that are getting your feed links in order to promote on their site. This links will give real juice in your blog or blog post. ( in other words scrapers ).

When Google , Yahoo, Bing or any Search Engines crawls went to a feed site it will automatically crawl on the footer that will also leads at your Site.

This is also one way of protecting your post from those site ( scrapers ) stealing blog contents via feeds. Hope You like it.

This can also be used to monetized your feeds thru direct advertising.

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  1. I do not believe this


  2. @Showbiz Intriga? A big sorry, To you and to my other readers.. Actually when my site was hacked I only uploaded the available back up at my pc..And I did not notice that the back up I have for my header is the old version with the mispelled country name. But it is good that you comment about it. I have edited it now via Photoshop.. Thanks and Sorry


  3. Showbiz Intriga? Get It From Boy! // January 13, 2008 at 2:19 pm // Reply

    good tip but i have a comment on your header!! the Philippines is spelled incorrectly! how could you? it’s your should be double P and not double L.


  4. Anybody know how to do this in Feedburner ? I think you can add html code to your feed in Feedburner but can’t find where to do that…


  5. Oh, so that’s how people put content not on the site on their feeds. Can we put a link to the original post using regular expression? Sort of “This entry was posted on yourdomain%posttitle%” to prevent scrapers?


  6. I hope it will work.. :)


  7. Nice, will see if this works…


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