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I have updated my blog by putting a widget which could let my readers rate my post. Aside from comments that my readers do. This are the stars below my post.

What is Spotback?

Spotback is a personalized rating system that recommends relevant content based on personal rating history using collaborative filtering and aggregated knowledge technologies.

How to get your Spotback Rate Everything widget

Go to the Spotback Get a Widget page. You will be presented with a choice of widget styles. Just pick one that you feel comfortable with, you can always modify your choice later. And then just follow the instruction and get the HTML code to be paste on your blog.

How does it helps your reader?

It helps the reader by pointing readers to other relevant part of your site. It also helps your reader to be able to rate your post.


It helps the webmasters and blog owner to increase page views which may mean an increase in income. It is also a community wherein if you use it right it will help you advertise your blog.

I will make some experiments and I will rate every post that I will do. For my readers could you help me in this experiment and do some clicking on my tags and rating. After 2 weeks I will report what happen on this experiment.

Hat Tip from : webstraction

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