How to Make Smart Philippines Unlimited Call

One thing I learned during my vacation is how to make Smart Philippines Unlimited Calls using my prepaid Cell Number.  I blog about instruction on how to make Globe Unlimited Call now I am going to share on how to make Smart Philippines Unlimited Call thru Smart to Smart Calls

How to subscribe to Smart Unlimited Call

To register just text TALK100 for 5 days unlimited call or TALK500 for 30 days unlimited call. 5 days unlimited calls will cost you Php 100 while 30 days unlimited call will cost you Php 500.

When making a call using the Smartalk unlimited package, SMART Buddy subscribers just need to dial *6400 plus the 11-digit subscriber number being called, eg., *640009181234567.

You can use the promotion 15 minutes after receiving confirmation from SMARTalk thru Text Message.

Comments and Observation while using SMARTalk Unlimited Call Promo

We are experiencing sudden drop of calls, It is hard to use the promotion at night. Ussually you will be disconnected on your attempt to cal but it is just normal.

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