Gmail Tap : A New Way of Sending SMS Introduced by Google

Have you heard about the Gmail Tap? It is a new way of sending message from your mobile phone using a dot and a dash. Check out their video as shown below and see how they plan to change the use of QWERTY keyboard which was invented in 1874.And now introducing a new input method designed for the future: Gmail Tap for Android and iOS. Watch the video for an overview.

The Gmail Tap uses only two keyboard buttons ( Dot & Dash ).

With Gmail Tap on your phone, you’ll be able to:

  • Tap without looking at your screen
  • Replace 26 keys with 2
  • Double your productivity by typing two emails at once


To get started with Gmail Tap, head over to Google informational page and video. Then you may share your experience to through their Google+. I need to try this one.

But there is a catch you need to memorize this one :

Introducing Gmail Tap

Happy Tapping.

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  1. STUPID. Bringing morse code back to modern civilization ain’t gonna make you cool, damnit!


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