Excited to Visit Taal Batangas Again

taal church

Photo Credit : Dexter Panganiban

In just few more days, I will be able to visit  Heritage Town of Taal Batangas, this time I will try to visit more places so that I could include it in my blog specific to Taal. But I need to remember to bring my gadgets with me. I remember during my last visit, I cannot find a cable to connect my computer monitor to my computer. So I need to make sure that all my cables and gadget will work fine during my vacation. I need to be reminded that I have to make my checklist before going to Taal Batangas. My parents, brother and relative have their own business in Taal. They call it Tapa and Longanisa.

Tapa and Longanisa is the famous food in Taal. The earlier links will give you a great idea on what can you see in Taal.

Visit my parents store in Taal Market. To Taal Visitors I hope you will have a great time.

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