www.mol.gov.sa : Nitaqat system in Saudi Arabia

www.mol.gov.sa : Nitaqat system in Saudi Arabia

Nitaqat system in Saudi Arabia is now being implemented. Expats are now conscious with their present color. It is good that Saudi Arabia have a very good system through their Ministry of Labor Website  www.mol.gov.sa, where expat would be able to see their color category for the nitaqat system.

So if you are wondering on how to check your nitaqat color, you may refer to Best of Riyadh Site, where they have provided an instruction on how to check the current status of an individual worker in Saudi Arabia.

Expat workers just need to make sure they could type in their iqama number on the slot provided. www.mol.gov.sa  is written in Arabic, however we can use Google translate to translate the pages.

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