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Yahoo provides free email all over the world. They also provide email to Italy. It is the free email client serve by yahoo in Italy. It could also be found by looking for “mail.yahoo.it.” In Yahoo Search Engine.

Yahoo! Mail – A Smarter Email with Unlimited Storage_1312286140664


Yahoo Mail  advertise to provide and accept for free and attach photos and files up to 25MB. There is an unlimited file storage like their rival email client.

Yahoo says :

Iscriviti gratis su Yahoo! Mail. Scopri il famoso servizio di posta elettronica gratuito con dominio @yahoo.it che ti offre spazio illimitato per email, Aggiungi tutti i siti che vuoi alla nuova pagina iniziale di Yahoo!.   ( Join Free Yahoo! Mail. Discover the popular free email service with [email protected] that offers unlimited space for email )

And I know that yahoo is a pioneer in providing free e-mail to all.

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