Matt Cutts Interview by WebProNews

I just want to share the video interview by WebProNews Mike McDonald to Google Engineer Matt Cutts , Head of Web Spam Team from Google (  Hat Tip from ) explaining some point about search engine rankings.

This is the points that I noticed on his interview,

  1. You need to have a quality post
  2. Don’t put nofollow in internal links
  3. Make sure that the important post will just be 2 to 3 clicks away from the home page.
  4. Pinging Google is also important. But how to ping them is the question :)
  5. So if Google thinks that your site is trust worthy you will be indexed in real time
  6. Google is doing it’s best to clean up the web and prevent spammers.
  7. Google is doing it’s best to make a real good real time search engine results.
  8. Matt Cutts still stress the importance of linking
  9. Matt Cutts also says that twitter is also a part of the algorithm for Google Search Engine Rankings, because they are checking how many time did your post has been re tweeted. ( Plurk was not mention :) )
  10. Wow there are about more than 200 factors for SEO and PR is just one of them.
  11. Site Loading is not also one of the main consideration for ranking.
  12. Page Rank will not to be re-branded which was rumored to be Trust Rank.
  13. It will be great to link your website to friend feed ( P.U.S.H. = pup sub hubbub = push technology = blog posts )

So hope you learn a lot from this post because I do :)

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    I also read webpronews but do not have time to always check. Nice to read this summary. Thanks po!


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