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  • Want To Start a Business? Try eCommerce site

    March 20, 2014|Tags:, , |

    Building an eCommerce page for a business is not for the faint of heart.  With a proper eCommerce site, every person can build their business in ways that they could not previously.  With everyone living in a digital world, the internet is the best place to disseminate information, market products and brand a business.  With […]

  • Virtual Office: What Is It and How It Could Benefit Your Business

    July 10, 2013|Tags:, , |

    For small businesses, investing in a physical business office may be initially considered a necessary expense. This may be because not only will you need to show investors and potential clients some proof of legitimacy, you would also need to prove that you are confident enough of your “staying power” to at least invest some […]

  • Automation + Business; The Way To Go

    Now that Business and Philippine economy is booming, many businesses minded people are looking for ways to start their own business. In starting a business it is important that you have studied the pros and cons of the business. A feasibility study shall be made identifying the Risk and opportunity in the proposed business. Feasibility […]

  • Asus names MSI-ECS as Ph distributor

    MSI-ECS presents another business opportunity for its resellers following its appointment as Asus distributor. The partnership was celebrated through a dinner party held last March 27, 2012 in Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ortigas. Known for its innovative, stylish and high-performing products, Asus reinforced its innovativeness when Irene Cheng, Asus Philippines’ Product Manager for Notebooks, presented its […]

  • Tech At Hand Dot Net 2011 Year End Report

    It is a tradition for every bloggers to make reports on what happened on their blogging career for the year. So here I am making my blogging report for year 2011. This year is a great year for Tech At Hand Dot Net, a year when I experience lots of things from high traffic, to […]

  • Business Idea About Blogging and Investment

    Photo Credit : Flickr User : Images_of_Money Tech At Hand has been in existence for more than 5 years and ever since, all blog post in this blog was written either by me or by my wife. I also consider blogging as a business and I am making money out of it. This is not my […]

  • Pinoy Blogger Shirts Launched by Fitz Villafuerte

    July 5, 2011|Tags:, , |

    While doing my daily blog hoping, I saw Brod Fitz post about his new venture, selling T Shirts Online targeting Pinoy Bloggers. T Shirts have cool design. I know Fitz ever since we’ve met at iblog, and I could say that he do what he says. There were times that I even ask him to […]

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