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  • AMD for Netbook

    October 14, 2008|Tags:, , , , |

    To all AMD users and those who have experience AMD I know that you are waiting for AMD Brander Netbook. Well Your wait is over since Cyberpress, an AMD representative confirms that they will come out with a netbook-specific CPU in the comings months. According to pinoytechguy.com the likely candidate is this 1.0GHz CPU codenamed […]

  • Ask.com Re Launch

    October 6, 2008|Tags:, , , |

    Well who among you uses ask.com as their browser ? Maybe they are few because most of us uses google.com or yahoo.com since those are search engine bundled with our favorite browser. Well today ask.com has been re launched with different function . Just a bit of information that Ask.com got a 4.5% share of […]

  • Barack Obama – John McCain Face Off

    September 23, 2008|Tags:, , , , |

    Nope I am not referring to the person itself but to their Website. I would like to make a study on what do their website standing as of to date. Here are the details and my observation of their site. My intention is to study on how this two site which are really funded is […]

  • ASUS Launch New Notebooks | Laptops

    August 24, 2008|Tags:, , , , , , , , , , |

    After the ASUS Eee PC hype, Asus is now launching a New sets of laptops / Notebooks which I think will surely hit the market if the price is right. ASUS have designed the computers to suit different user such as Business Executives which has ASUS B50 , and other notebooks series such as F6 […]

  • When Will Nokia Tube Be Out in The Market ( 5800 XpressMusic )

    There has bee rumors that Nokia  is building a Mobile Phone that will really compete with iPhone. And it is called Nokia Tube. Nokia Tube ( 5800 XpressMusic ) is believed to have a Touch Pad Interface. Below are leaked Photos of Nokia Tube. Some of the unofficial specifications of the device are given below:

  • Do You Want To Know The Keyword of Your Favorite Site That Excel Much ?

    If there are 5 free query that you would like to know for your site or for other site which you like most , What would it be ? Will it be the best keywords of the other site that gives him / her on top always of the Google SERP. or will it be […]

  • Microsoft Received It’s First Ever Law Suit in Philippines

    December 18, 2007|Tags:, , , , |

    The law suit was given by Pasay City school, Southeastern College (SEC) vs software firm Microsoft Corp. and its local subsidiary, Microsoft Philippines, for alleged illegal distribution of copyrighted material.

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