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  • How To Build Your Own Gaming CPU

    June 20, 2014|Tags:, , |

    Buying a pre-made branded gaming CPU is definitely more expensive than purchasing an assembled one. This could be caused by several factors such as the materials used for the specs, the value-added price for the brand, and the commission for the salesperson involved in the transaction. The bottom line is, assembling you own or choosing the […]

  • Why Would I Choose Mac Over Windows OS Laptop?

    February 14, 2013|Tags:, , , , |

    I had a discussion in one of the engineers in our office and he is hesitant to buy between a High End Windows OS and Macbook Pro. I told him that I would prefer using MAC rather than using Windows OS, since I have experience using both. His alibi was that MAC is not for Engineers.  but […]

  • NBA 2K13 Now in the Philippines

    An event last October 5 at the National Sports Grill in Makati, launch the release of NBA 2K13 in the Philippines. According to IGN, a gaming website, this game is possibly the greatest sports game of all time. The game was made available to Filipino gamers through the partnership of 2K Sports and X-Play Online […]

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