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  • New Blast of Innovation from Apple Inc.

    Apple Inc. continues to be the leading multinational company with its unwavering innovations in the world of technology. On its mind blowing event last October 22, Apple Inc. unleashed its new set of advanced designs of iPads and Macbooks, marked by enhanced interface and flabbergasting applications. iPad Revolution Incredibly thin and light, iPad Air falls […]

  • Hold on! Expect the excitement with the launching of Apple with their New IPADS, Mac Book, Mac Pro and more..

    October 21, 2013|Tags:, , , , , |

    There so many things Apple had already proven to us. But this company never stops to give such excitement to people’s lives. With their launch on October 22, 2013, everybody must not miss what they need to know about the updated features of the apple products. The center of the event will be about their […]

  • Why Would I Choose Mac Over Windows OS Laptop?

    February 14, 2013|Tags:, , , , |

    I had a discussion in one of the engineers in our office and he is hesitant to buy between a High End Windows OS and Macbook Pro. I told him that I would prefer using MAC rather than using Windows OS, since I have experience using both. His alibi was that MAC is not for Engineers.  but […]

  • How to Transfer Files to Android Phones Using MAC

    January 5, 2013|Tags:, , |

    I am looking for information on how I could transfer information from my Macbook to my Galaxy S3 and good to share that I have found an easy solution by downloading an Application from Android File Transfer. By using this application, an android user can easily transfer the files from Macbook to Android Phones. Upon using […]

  • Chinese company, Qihoo 360, unveils smartphone with Retina Display

    It looks like Apple is not alone in its bid to take over the mobile device world with Retina Displays. A China-based software company called Qihoo 360 has recently announced that it is developing a smartphone called Qihoo AK 47 that will have a Retina Display. Qihoo 360 revealed this plan briefly after Apple’s statement […]

  • Apple to Discontinue 17-inch MacBook Pro

    Apple will soon phase out the 17-inch MacBook Pro laptop and scrap the entire MacBook Pro line. This will include the 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro models. As a substitute, Apple will introduce a new line of MacBook laptops next year, possibly around the third quarter. This move comes after reports that the 17-inch MacBook […]

  • Macbook Pro Specification Updated with i5/i7 core

    April 13, 2010|Tags:|

    Just found out that Macbook has updated their specification and are now using core i5/i7, It make me feel that my macbook pro is now obselete . Anyway great to know that Apple is also updating their specification with a better video card and  processor. Thanks to Daily Contributor See the image above for more […]

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