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  • How to Make Alternate Row Color in Excel

    Just want to share a trick that we are doing in order to make an automatic alternate color in Microsoft Excel. It can be done using Conditional Formatting , which we can use to create an alternate row color for a table of data. This small trick will let your second row filled with a […]

  • How to Print Row and Column Heading in Excel

    There are times that we want to print those letters and numbers seen in Microsoft Excel Worksheet. So here is an instruction on how to do this things in an easy way, Row headings are the row numbers to the left of the worksheet; column headings are the letters or numbers that appear at the […]

  • Excel Tip : What If You forget your Excel Sheet Password ?

    From time to time I am sharing some Tips about Microsoft Excel since I am a heavy user of this program. So here my sharing for today. You can see my other article at my archive page for Microsoft Excel. There are some instances that You forget the password that you made for your excel […]

  • Excel 2007 Problems

    September 26, 2007|Tags:, |

    There is an interesting post regarding Excel 2007 Bug, I am a big user of Excel and having problems as mentioned in atmaxplorer post is really disturbing. How did Microsoft release this series having this kind of problem? Microsoft excel is a widely used program. If somebody is using Microsoft Excel 2007 and does not […]

  • Another Excel Control Hot Keys Part 2 of 3

    Below are additional Function keys which I consider an another excel Hot Keys. If you love my first part definitely this part will be of interest to you also. Key Description F1 Displays the Help task pane. CTRL+F1 closes and reopens the current task pane. ALT+F1 creates a chart of the data in the current […]

  • Another Excel Control Hot Keys Part 1 of 3

    The following lists contain CTRL combination shortcut keys, function keys, and some other common shortcut keys, along with descriptions of their functionality. For more extensive reference information on all available shortcuts and their specific uses Note If an action you use often does not have a shortcut key, you can record a macro to create […]

  • Philippine Technology Blogger as per Google Search Engine

    I have been trying almost everyday searching my blogs keyword at google but always I can not see my blog at Page 1 or 2, Until today when searching some keywords it is surprising to see my site show up at First Page. an I think this is some reason for a blogger to be […]

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