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  • Free Photoshop CS6 Shortcut, Cheat Sheet for CS6

    July 3, 2013|Tags:, |

    Photoshop is one of the tools that is commonly used to make new designs and photographs. It is a very powerful tool that could make a dull photo into something that will make you say WOW. I have found a great Cheat Sheet for CS6 infographics that will give you tips on how to remember […]

  • Knowledge in Photoshop is a Great Tool For Blogging

    Blogging is expressing idea about anything under the sun, or in blogging terminology we call it niche. I believe that learning Photoshop is also one of must to learn in blogging if you want to put some style or express yourself in your blog. Or if you love putting some picture for your site. Karlo […]

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