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  • Travelling To Jubail from Riyadh

    March 17, 2015|Tags:, , , |

    This is what I like from blogging, you can do it from anywhwere. As of this writing I am on my way to Jubail. I and my colleague have to attend a client meeting in my offline work, ofcourse I do have a driver with me.  Just to give you an idea on how do […]

  • Skype, Whatsapp, and Viber Ban in Saudi Arabia Soon?

    March 31, 2013|Tags:, , , |

    I just read this news that Saudi Arabia is planning to ban Skype, Whatsapp, and Viber in the region  if those company will not give access for regulation to their service since it could be a security threat according to Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC). Despite a medley of applications now available to help Internet users […]

  • Nitaqat System | How To Check Company Category?

    December 3, 2011|Tags:, , |

    Saudi Arabia is now implementing a labor system for the expat. The system is called Nitaqat, where in each expat will be classified as Red, Yellow and Green, depending on the percentage of Saudi in the company. Millions of expat employees are checking their category. It is not good to be under red category since […]

  • iPhone 4s in Saudi Arabia, Availability and Release Dates?

    With all the hype about iPhone 5, it turns out Apple introduced only iPhone 4s, Apple fanatics all over the world wants to get hold of the new iPhone 4s with it’s promised new specifications and better performance. Imagine having 7 time faster than iPhone 4. This is something great to see. I don’t know […]

  • How To Ask Your Relatives in Philippines To Call You in Saudi Arabia

    September 25, 2011|Tags:, , , |

    I just want to share this to all Saudi OFW subscribers of this blog. Did you know that you can ask your relatives in Philippines to call You in Saudi Arabia? As an example, you may want to talk to your family but there is no available load for your Mobily phone in Saudi Arabia. […]

  • Online Apple Store Launch in UAE

    At long last, Apple have decided to open the first online store in the Middle East, UAE have the largest community of expats and known to have advance technology users in the Middle East, Check the Apple Online store here. UAE online apple store is now accepting order and even giving free delivery for orders […]

  • How to Check Family Visa Refunds in Saudi Arabia

    Update: (April, 2014) Nowadays refund can be easily check through MOI Website. First of all this is applicable to OFW working in Saudi Arabia.  Many Filipinos in Saudi Arabia heard the rumors that there is a possibility of reimbursing payments they have made for the family visa. That is why lots of people tried to […]

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