New SSS Contribution and Payment Schedule

Here is the New SSS Contribution schedule for your information.


In addition the monthly payment schedule of SSS Contribution have change.

The schedule of your monthly contribution SSS payment depends on your type of membership.

For Self Employed and Voluntary SSS Members, the deadline of payment is every 20th of the following month.

For Employed SSS Members, the deadline of payment is every 10th of the following month.


SSS President and Chief Executive Officer Emilio de Quiros, Jr. reported the new deadlines will be move out from the 10th day for employees and the 20th day for self-employed and voluntary members to five different deadlines based on the employer and social security number.

“The new deadlines would take effect starting with payments for the applicable month or quarter ending on June 30,” he said.

The revised deadlines are based on the 10th digit of the 13-digit employer number and the last digit of the 10-digit social security number of household employers, self-employed workers and voluntary members.

If the 10th digit of the employer number (for regular employers) or SS number (for household employers, the self-employed and voluntary members) is “1” or “2,” contributions and loan payments fall on or before the 10th day after the applicable month or quarter.

The deadline would be the 15th day of the following month for numbers “3” and “4;” the 20th day for numbers “5” and “6;” the 25th day for numbers “7” and “8;” and the last day of the succeeding month for numbers “9” and “0.”

De Quiros said the new deadlines would apply to over-the-counter payments at SSS branch tellers, banks, Bayad Centers and SM Business Centers.

“Members and employers flock to SSS on the day of the deadline, which results in long lines and congestion. The new policy aims to discuss this situation,” he said.

Updates : If you are a OFW , You may want to know about SSS Flexi Fund, and how to invest.

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