Mozilla Teach Us How to Be Safe Online

Just want to share you the youtube video that I stumble which warns us not to use weak password online. This video will give us idea on how to make a strong secured password in different sites: so here is How Mozilla Teach Us How to Be Safe Online

So did you get the idea ? Any comments or any additional suggestion on how to make a secure password that you will no forget.

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3 Responses to “Mozilla Teach Us How to Be Safe Online”

  1. metalpig on October 20th, 2010 2:56 am

    - Don’t make the word “password” as your actual password.. :P


  2. Fibonacci on October 22nd, 2010 6:05 pm

    I guess the best password is a simple secret word that you always personally remember such as the name of your girlfriend.


    Dexter Panganiban Reply:

    @Fibonacci, I disagree.. it makes the hacker , easily hack your account


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