WordPress Plug-Ins : Separating Comments and Ping

If you are one of my regular site visitors, You are my inspiration for this new plug-ins that I just recently installed here It’s main purpose is to separate Pings & Track backs from comments. I have installed this to have a neat comments below my post.

You can find the plug ins and some WordPress editing instruction here

Just be careful when doing manual editing in your comments.php. I would suggest to back up first by Pressing Ctrl+A at Comments PHP and paste it into Note Pad.

Before doing any changes read first the instruction on the authors Site.

The author tries to explain his plug-ins in the simplest way. That is why  a newbie like me could easily understand the instructions.

There were two steps to make this plug-ins work. First and then do some modification in your comments.php page as shown . Then presto, Your comment and Pings are separated.

Plug-ins Instruction :

Download Page :

Note : I do not know if this works with WordPress ” Dexter ” 2.3 , I am still at Version 2.2.2

You can visit my plug-ins Category for other plug-ins installed.

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  2. Cool plugin!


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