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Adsense Is Changing Fonts

Today when I opened my site, I noticed that there were changes in my Adsense Font. And it was confirmed by the update that I received from Google Adsense. I can’t say that the bigger the better since this might become more intrusive to the reader, that will make them ads blind. Anyway. here is the official announcement by Google. and let us see the effect after 1 week. Will it increase my CTR and CPC ?

As a follow-up to last week’s launch of font size controls, we’d like to let you know that we’ve just increased the default font size for AdSense ad units. This change will affect your ad units if you haven’t yet customized your font sizes, or if your ad units are set to ‘AdSense default font size’ — you’ll notice that the text in your ad units is now the equivalent of ‘medium’ instead of ‘small’. We decided to make this change based on publisher feedback and our testing, which showed that this increased font size improved performance.

If you’d like to change the font size in your ad units, you can do so on an account-wide basis or by individual ad unit — just follow the instructions listed in our Help Center. Again, we recommend testing these new font size options with your existing customizations to determine which combinations perform best on your pages. ( Source )

So I just hope that this changes will benefit us publisher. More Clicks and more earnings . BTW I have noticed the changes in big Ads sizes but what about the other. So what do you think will it help us bloggers doing Adsense Philippines ?

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