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AdSense Earnings Analysis : I Am Now a 4 Figure Blogger

I just received my Adsense Cheque for month of November and December. It should be bigger if I my site does not encounter the problem for about 2 weeks. It is great since I just surpassed the $100 mark for this month and I think my Adsense Optimization helps a lot. That means I will again have another Cheque next month. I just calculated how much did I earn from Adsense last year and it shows that I got a total of $1,059.04 whew. Now I could say that Blogging has paid my Canon EOS 400D and my other earning thru PayPal will pay my lens. I have been looking for 50 mm F/1.8 but it is not available in Riyadh at the moment. Maybe I will just buy it in Philippines during my vacation.

Below is my Adsense Earning Graph

The above shown graphs represent all my blogs and not only this blog. The spike where I get the largest amount was due to the Philippine Election concluded. Since one of my site is political in nature. My site has been a favorite during time of election. I have been busy during November and my site crashed during December. My largest constant contributor is my Song Lyrics Blog.

I am now again doing some page optimization for Pacquiao vs Marquez Rematch Result. I believed it will again give some spike during March. Well this is what I hope.

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