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Adsense for Mobile, Increasing Ways of Online Income

It is good to know that Google finally goes into mobile through their announcement here since this blog is still new, It is still not compatible with mobile browsing. Perhaps I would make it later. And include it to my To DO List. Their site announce as follows:

As part of our ongoing efforts to develop new ways for users to find the information they need anytime and anywhere, Google announced today the availability of AdSense? for Mobile, a program that contextually targets ads to mobile website content. AdSense for Mobile also allows AdSense publishing partners the ability to earn revenue from their mobile websites through the targeted placement of mobile text ads. With this program, advertisers can connect with the growing number of mobile publishers, ultimately providing users with an enhanced mobile experience that helps them find what they are looking for more quickly and efficiently on the go.

I believe that the next generation will be browsing the net through the Mobile. There is an increasing usage of PDA and Net Enabled Mobile in the Market.

It will mean new source of income for bloggers and other web master. So who will follow next ? Adbrite ? Who knows.

Hat Tip from : Yuga

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