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AdSense Problem on Valentines Day

I am experiencing some reporting problem with AdSense from yesterday till today. The reported visit is not coinciding with my analytics. At first when I check my Adsense I thought I am again penalized by Google. But upon checking other stats it seems that there are problem in Adsense Reporting during this Valentines Day.

After googling ,I found fellow bloggers reporting the same issue as follows : Adsense stats stuck this valentines day , a Forum Thread at & webtalkforums

For me it is just a normal day yesterday since I did not make any keyword based for Valentines Day. I am so busy. And that’s all folks.  I will let you know if I can here some news regarding this AdSense reporting problem.

Updates :

I have seen that the Google reporting at the upper portion and the lower portion is not the same. See the pictures below

It is not usually happen in Google AdSense reports… So which is right the above one or the lower one.. I am confused.

Updates :

I think this is now fixed 🙂

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