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Googles Open Content Network To Third Parties

I just received tweets that Googles Open content network to third parties :

Today, we’re announcing that Google is accepting third-party advertising tags on the Google content network in North America. This will empower advertisers to work with approved third parties to serve and track display ads, including rich media ads, across the Google content network through AdWords, giving them more options, flexibility and control over their campaigns.

This means that the program will offer a way to expand their advertiser base and enable advertisers to better understand the value of their inventory, with the goal of increasing their overall revenue. And they’ll be able to show more compelling display ads to their visitors, enhancing their web experience.

I am not really sure on how this help publishers like me. We will see if it can increase my AdSense income and attain my $10/day goal 🙂

Anybody has a better idea about this ?

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