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I received my 2nd Adsense Cheque

Just another good day. I received my 2nd Adsense cheque. After 2 mos from my last Cheque. My adsense earning was great this month because of the recently concluded Philippine Election for my Halalan Site. This particular niche site which deals with Technology is not yet earning much because my page visit a day only range from 80 to 100 visits. Perhaps you will be asking on how I do it? I have posted My before for you to check. But the best thing is that Google crawler is starting to crawl at my site and another factor that may affect this is that MFA site is now being hold by google. Using different is also useful in determining how you could convert your site into an income generating site. Although this site’s aim is to inform my readers on different Technology. I may not gain much from this site but I am happy on what I am doing. Meeting new friends at the net who appreciate my works is believed better than adsense earnings.

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