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Me and My Wife 2009 Online Earning Report

Well this is our Earning report for all my blogs, that is why I did not mention the name of this blog in my Title. This is still part of my promise to produce my 2009 year End report , I have receive queries in my mail and facebook message regarding the figures I am earning in blogging. I would like to reply those question with this report.

Source of Income

Well first of all I would like to tell you guys that my source income come from different sources namely , infolinks, bidvertiser, Google Adsense, Direct Advertisers, Blog Bank, Dream Host Affiliate, Nuffnang, Chitika, Admob .  The biggest earner is Google Adsense which contributes 69% of my Gross Income. and the remaining 31% is from others. This blog gives the highest share in my Direct Advertisers and Google Adsense Earnings . I also own other blogs which gives passive income from Google Adsense and Infolinks.

Comparison of Year 2008 Earnings

ussually I am giving graphs to show my earning comparison for different years , so you need You need to see my 2008 and 2007 earning report in order to get an idea how much did I get last year. So here is the graph for this year.

I have included my last 2 years earnings graph and this only shows that based on year 2007 I got about 500% increase and 200% increase based on last year earnings. This only shows that since my blog statistics double form last year, the earning is directly proportional to it.

I did not push thru with affiliate marketing this year, since I think I still need to study the ins and out of it. My blog expenses is eaqual to 19% of my gross earnings. This includes , hosting payment, Domain Registration, Contest sponsorsjip, Event sponsorship etc..

I hope to multiply my earnings this year, I don’t know if it will double or triple or divided by 2 ha ha ha. anyway whatever it is, Let see what happen this year. I do give tithes for my online earnings so I only have spent 90% of my earnings to different gadgets that I acquire last year. I think it will be part of my next post.

Just for information this is me and my Wife earning reports, since she is helping me maintaining some of my blogs. Check her blog at

In summary my Net income is double based on last year. So would you like to share yours ? let me know. How succesful are you last year when it comes to Online  earnings ?

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