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Redirecting Post for Advertising & Monetizing Purpose

Everybody knows that any post with STOP Words will not show any AdSense Ads on it. Although in reality those post with Stop Words are the post that can easily bring traffic to your blog. When I join Marhgil Adventure for the $candal, I was the first to respond to his project, After sometime I was also at Google First Page but all of a sudden Google banned the page and put me at page 300 🙂 . That means I am not appearing in any data center of Google SERP. But the best thing is when somebody joins Marhgil project I was always at the first to those who joined the project when they linked to it. So what happen I am always receiving traffic from those site.

The following site are as follows :

Above mentioned site are now at the 1st and 2nd Page of the SERP. So I begin thinking on how I can use their referral to my blog in a way that I could monetize from those visitors thru Adsense and also to promote my blog to them . So what I did, is to look for a plugin that will redirect those traffic in my other post in random from this blog.

After long search I found Urban Giraffe

It is good that I found this Redirection Plugin. It will redirect any of your post to any post within your blog, You might also set it to redirect to a random post at your blog. By this you will have a chance to have additional visitors and feed subscribers. I choose to redirect the post into random rather than redirecting them into front page. Since my Optimize Adsense is on the post page. One more thing great about this plug in is you don’t have to modify your apache setting.

I am using WordPress 2.3.2. So that you know that it does not make any conflict with my WordPress system.

The additional feature of this blog is it will also gives you information on what part of your blog is being crawled by search engine that provides an ERROR 404. So if you really don’t have that URL you can always redirect it to your front Page.

I hope this post will help some blogger that would like to monetize those high traffic with STOP words.

By the way after implementing this redirection I have seen an increase with my Adsense Earnings. Somebody might say that this is not good for the visitors but in reality this site is not made for those Stop Words.

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