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Television | Great Source of Make Money Online Keywords

I know that lots of new bloggers are looking for ways on how they could get new keywords for them to optimized and later make money online on it. I have this idea that the most profitable keywords could be found in the television during everyday commercials or tv ads, those advertisers spend millions of dollars just to let the people know their new product. How many times did you search in the internet about the review of those different products before buying it ?
imageBecause we people tend to know what are other experience before buying those products. Nowadays people tend to research first before buying anything shown in the television, specially when they buy those item that will cost them a lot. I don’t think that those era where in people just buy the products because of the endorser has still a big percentage now adays, there also lots of resident who owns the internet and therefore a simple search in google could give them the “ review ” or ” comments” of actual users and not just by celebrity endorser which are being paid by the advertisers.

How to do it ?

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Start on those commercial or tv ads which you just see, It means start on the new tv ads. Since new tv commercial tends to creates curiosity among viewers.  So you just have to add review related keywords or comment related keyword from those items. And  then look for some comments or review in the internet by other actual user and link to them. You may put your own review  if you tried to use the products. Then try to add keywords which are related to  ” price , ” Cost “, ” how much “, etc. People tend to know how much budget will they spare with those new products on the TV.

So How to Make Money Online

So you might wonder how a particular post could earn, You can do many ways to earn from it, and one of the main thing to do is to learn SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) , and when your post is optimized and being seen in google’s first page you can use  CPC ( Cost per click ) , CPM Ads or affiliate  Marketing Ads. Google Adsense is the famous method of earning from CPC.

I just hope that this simple tips might ad up some visits from your site.  You might also be interested in my Personal Blog post : How Can I Earn from Blogging ?

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