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PayPal Philippines Transaction Fees

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And still below are information about Paypal Philippines :

I heard some discussion in another forums that PayPal Philippines is now charging some percentage in the PayPal transfer, I would like to clarify this things based on PayPal site and information I gathered.

Paypal is not charging any fee if you will transfer from your existing PayPal account however you will be charged if your transfer will be coming from a Credit or Debit Card.

Another tip so that you will not  be charged, is to use the personal transfer option in the send money tab of PayPal.

I still love how PayPal Philippines works with my online ventures and online Payments. It help me a lot in my Make Money Online Saga. PayPal had helped me a lot in my transaction to different countries. I use PayPal Philippines account and I am withdrawing it thru my Citibank Credit Card.

Below picture state that you will not be charged for the received payment thru Personal transfer.

So the rumors that your transaction is now being charge is false, You just have to use it properly so that you will not be charge. I have also included here the screen caption of payments and receipt transaction fees. I hope you will find it informative and if you don’t have Paypal account better think of having one because it is one of the tools that you will need if you want to transact online.

Source : here You can enroll Paypal thru this link [ Enroll at Paypal ] Affiliate Links

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