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Amazon Windowshop for iPad Announced

Today has announced the special site so that iPad can shop in Amazon without any problem. We are referring to it designed for the iPad’s multi-touch interface:

The sleek, grid layout allows you to quickly and fluidly swipe through product lists and complete purchases with 1-Click checkout. When you select an item, you are presented with a pop-out product detail screen with the typical images, description, reviews,and related products; however, you can use the iPad to zoom in on a high resolution image for a better look and listen to 30 second samples of the music items.

I juts don’t know how will my affiliate links work with this new site. Application is now available in the appstore.

Here is our   PR Source and site as follows : . Our site is now full of Amazon links but just for information my earnings in Amazon is still very little. I need to unlock the technique for amazon. So do you have any tips for amazon ?

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