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How to Solve Problem with Gmail/Google Accounts Sync with Updated iOS4

There are some users who have reported problems when syncing their Google accounts (Mail, Calender and Contacts) using the Google Sync App. after updating their iPhone 3Gs with iOS4. So here are solutions that i gathered from research.

I hope this helps for people looking for information on how to resolve problems encountered after update.

People running Google Apps on a Domain (generally business users) are told to use the following settings to get Google Sync to work after the iOS 4 iPhone update:

  1. E-mail:
  2. Server:
  3. Domain:
  4. User: you ( your user name that you use when logging into your google apps web service without the @ and everything after it )
  5. Password: password
  6. Description: anything you like
  7. SSL: ON

If the above settings don’t work, or for more details on the Google Sync/ iOS 4 iPhone update problems, check out the Google support thread.

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