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iPhone 5 Release: Not On September 5th

The whole world is anticipating the rumored release of Apple’s iPhone 5 tomorrow, September 5.  But sorry guys, you have to wait longer.  If you are one of those people waiting for the latest iPhone, you have yet to wait a few more days because there have been reports that it’s going to be on the second week of the month.  Both AT&T and Verizon have blacked out the 21st until the end of  September for employees’ vacations because their sources say it’s going to be their busiest days after the launch.  These blackout rumors usually mean something big is coming; in the past, every time these two phone companies announced vacation blackouts, an Apple iPhone was released. We have waited for this last year; instead Apple gave us the iPhone 4s.  I can just imagine the great anticipation in all iPhone fanatics.

photo credit: iLab Factory

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Rumor has it that the new iPhone will have a bigger screen with an updated operating system.  Yes, it’s the iOS6.  Along with these, there is also a rumor that Apple will also be releasing a new mini iPad.  So we’re not just awaiting one new gadget from Apple but two.

A lot of articles have already been released about the much-anticipated iPhone 5.  If it’s really going to be on the twelfth and if it’s going to be bigger and better, we shall see.

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