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iPhone 5 To Arrive on September 21?

Many rumors have emerged surrounding the launch date of the highly-anticipated iPhone 5. However, the public until today is clueless as to when the device is really scheduled for launching. The latest rumor claims that the device is slated for a September 21 launch, contrary to earlier rumors that it will arrive on October or November.

The rumor first came from an accessory manufacturer based in China whose name was not revealed. The accessory manufacturer alleged that it has direct ties with Apple and thus have been informed of the real launching. This rumor was recently corroborated by an employee at a United States retail company.

Apple, as always, is silent on the launch date, and likely prefers to keep the public in the dark until days before the launch.

Meanwhile, the curiosity about the upcoming device is growing stronger. Apple is supposedly preparing to launch a completely redesigned iPhone this year. Among its new features are iOS 6 that comes with an enhanced Siri, a closer Facebook integration, a new maps app, and the ability to use Facetime on a 3G or 4G connection. Moreover, its body is said to be 10mm taller and 2mm thinner than the iPhone 4S. Other rumors regarding its specifications include a quad-core A6 chip, more RAM, camera lenses that can be interchanged, a thinner screen, and a 19-pin dock connector. Furthermore, it could be crafted out of Liquidmetal and carry compatibility with a nano SIM card.

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