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iPod Touch 4th Generation First Impression

Just got my iPod Touch 4th Generation ( 64GB )from United States, a friend travel from US and was kind enough to bought the iPod Touch 4th Generation for me. It is really a very good piece of gadget.It has all the capability of iPhone 4 except the GPS and Cellphone capability. It has wifi capability and lots of application ready in iTunes. In Riyadh Saud Arabia the available capacity is upto 32 GB which is worth SAR 1600 ( US$430 ).

Here are my First impressions about iPod Touch 4th Generation


  1. When it comes to speed , I can’t say anything it is actually responding well in all my queries. I have not experienced a major application crush.
  2. It sync well with my Macbook Pro.
  3. There are lots of application to choose from that will really make an internet user life easy.
  4. Video quality is great and it is interfacing well with Youtube.
  5. I love using application such as iBook, Drop Box, News, Bible Softwares
  6. My kids love the games that have been downloaded to my iPod. Graphics is great.
  7. I could carry my e-book anywhere.


  1. Picture quality is not that good , or maybe because I am used to the picture quality of my Canon DLSR 🙂
  2. There is no flash.
  3. I am just disappointed with it’s sound, I need to have the earphone in order to get the perfect sound that i am looking.
  4. It would be better if it has a 3g capability. Most of the application is internet dependent so when you don’t have internet it will not work. Great that iBook could work even without the internet.
  5. It would be better if Apple has included the wall charger.
  6. I can say that this gadget is finger print magnet.

Here are some unboxing photos of iPod Touch 4th Generation

Conclusion, although there are negative comments for iPod Touch 4th Generation my over all impression is that it is a fantastic gadget that a buyer will not regret of buying it for $399.

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