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A Successful Transaction with

I just maid a successful transaction at ( Affiliate ) using my Citibank Visa Credit Card. It begins when I saw a site that I visited before which was not renewed for about 50 days. I just don’t know how it happen and why they did not renew it ?

Anyway I will let you know if I can get that domain name. The Domain Name was not renewed since November 28,2007. I don’t know until when I will wait. I just paid $ 70.00 for 2 years. If in case they will renew it I will have to get another domain name since my payment is non refundable.

I just hope they will not renew it in the next 40 days. I think the grace period is only 3 months. Am I right or wrong ?. Below is the picture that shows it is expired

I am planning to use it as a General Personal blog, So that I can write whatever I want. Not thinking that my post will be out of topic.

Will I get it or not? 🙂

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