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Blog Definition | What is a Blog

What is a Blog and it’s Blog Definition ?

Based on experience it is also what we called Web Log, You just document everything you know in the website or what we called Blog Site. Blog Definition means that You just show to the public your knowledge about any topic that you may write. And that is what we called Niche in Blogging World. You may see lots of Blogging jargon around net.

Some says that it is a way to earn or make money online thru Technology Blog for me it is a tool to earn and make money online.

It might also show your brand in the net and later be a basis for your expertise. It might also account your journey for any advocate that you want or any information that you want to share in the net. It can be a collection of Lyrics and Chords

So in short it can be anything that you want to write and share in the net or anything that might relieved from being monotonous in your daily life. Search this blog for more information about Blog.

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