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Bloggers of Has been Arrested BY NBI

Bloggers from one of the most viewed blog in the net has been arrested by NBI ( source ) for questioning regarding the famous Hayden Kho Video, according to the news it was traced that the said blogs was the first one to upload the videos made by Hayden Kho, I don’t know if they are the first blogger that has been arrested in Philippines. All I know is that the news regarding Hayden Kho and hit the internet and lots of site tried to get a piece of that traffic.

I can say that It made some sites down for a mean time.

As a blogger we should also be very careful on what we are sharing in our blogs. We need to check the consequence of our action .  It might hit us back later.  We may earcn a few buck thru that traffic but it may drain in the future due to lawsuits that we might encounter. I am only a keyword hijacker and I don’t upload those kind of videos in my site :)  .  Check my archives and you will know what I mean.

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