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Blogging Accomplishment in Year 2008

Blogging Accomplishment in Year 2008 Last January 1,2008 , I have set my blogging goals for the whole year. { My Blogging Goal for Year 2008, What is Yours ? } And now I would like to check and gauge myself on how I become a blogger for year 2008. Did I become an active blogger or a lazy blogger ? Hmm.. So this is my report for you guys. I have responded each and every point in my goals.

I will make more blogging friends that will share same interest with me.

I also made lots of blogging friends this year. Perhaps this is because I am fortunate to attend an offline blogging event last year { Iblog 4 } and Trinoma Food Tour during my Vacation

I will teach my wife how to blog

Yeah I accomplish this one.. Actually my wife is now blogging at

I will try to post at least 2 post a day ( Morning and Afternoon )

I fail to do this one.. Perhaps itÒ€ℒs a busy year .. Remember I am just blogging part time.

I will try to enjoy blogging more.

For sure I enjoyed blogging more .. Accomplished

A new niche blog this year

Yup I accomplished this one by having my new personal blog { Dexter Panganiban } and my New { } which targets students , and most of my post is written in Tagalog. It is also this year that I made a folder in this site targeting the PRC Board Exam Results

More Projects

I have already mention some of my projects in item # 5.

I will be a source of information both in Blogging and Technology

I believe it is done, If there any disagreement let me know :). You can also check my recognitions received this year to support my claim πŸ™‚

I will try to help new bloggers succeed

I also believe this is done and will continue until there are bloggers in need

I will optimized this site more

Partly it is done, I have now some keywords which ranks well and there where also some keywords which is now not being seen in the SERP. I may say that Big G is becoming to choosy for my chose keywords. And I think it is now great to be included in the first page of

I will research more and share informations with my reader.

I think I am also successful with this one.. Did You know that it increases my subscribed blogs πŸ™‚

What about you, Did you accomplish your goal this year 2009 ? You might be a blogger or not. But I still believe that you have set a goal last year. I hope you made it πŸ™‚ I will just post my New Blogging Goals for the year 2009 Later.

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