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Blogging and Business Similarities

Most of us want to have its own business that someday would give us a good and steady profit that could be used to raise our family. I might not have a big corporation like Apple or Facebook but I believe someday it will be. I don’t want to stay as a worker for a very long time and I am seeing myself as an entrepreneur someday.

Today I consider blogging as a business, since I earn from it and I don’t have my boss. Having its own business is not easy but I believe that knowing the ins and out of blogging could definitely be used in starting up a business.

The way how a blogger plan his post that would eventually get a big traffic, is the same thing as a business person thinking on how they could draw customers on their new launch product.

Business have it’s Up and down, likewise in blogging there is also success and failures. There are times that a hardly written article will not have any single visitors or even comments. This is also same in business. This is why I consider blogging as a business.

I can be called as a netrepreneur. Soon I will try to do some extended business that will be a result of my blogging career.

In business you need to have strategy in having new customers, in blogging a strategy is also needed to gain more visitors and would be customers.

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