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Do Follow blogs ? or No Follow Blogs? Let me Explained it

There has been some discussion over at blog about the meaning of Do-Follow Blogs and No-Follow Blogs.

What is a Nofollow Attribute ?

NoFollow is an attribute in any link that is used to hinder the search engine robots to index a certain site. All blogs has a default that all the links in the comment including the links to the commenter homepage has nofollow attribute. An example is the picture shown below where you can see that charles has made the link to his homepage during signing the comments. When ever Google or yahoo or any search engine will index my site they will continue to index charles site if my nofollow attribute has been removed. But if not The search engine will stop there and look at it like a simple text.

How can I check if a blog has nofollow attribute ?

I am using a firefox plugin called SearchStatus it can tell you wether a certain blog has a nofollow attribute or not. As you can see on the above picture. Allen has still nofollow attribute since he did not yet reached the 3 comments that I require in order for the nofollow tag to be removed .

How can I removed the Nofollow Attribute ?

I am using Link Love plug in where I have the option to choose how many comments does a commenter have in order to remove his nofollow attribute. also direct some methods on how to remove nofollow in a blog. you may also check how I remove nofollow attribute at blogspot blog.

So what does Dofollow means and how could I use it?

There is no such thing Dofollow attribute. By removing nofollow attribute it only means that you are having a dofollow blog already.

How can a dofollow attribute help me?

A dofollow attribute can help by increasing comments in the blog. Since a commenter knows that whenever the search engine index your site. It serve a door to his/her website to be indexed by search engine.

How can a dofollow attribute affect my site?

There has been some rumors that lots of site got a low PR because of selling links. Even you are not selling links by supporting this movement you are also linking to site which is irrelevant to your site. Which makes the search engine thinks that you are also selling links.

It can also affect your blog if someone makes an invalid link when making comments. The search engine will report thru your Google Webmaster tool that there is broken links at your site. Which will not be very healthy to your blog

Tips on using nofollow Attribute

You may use nofollow attribute in links referring to your feed subscription. So that Search Engine will not be able to index your feeds.


I still support DoFollow Movement although you have to complete 3 Comments in order to be rewarded by links from this blog. In this way those who comment and forget about my blog will not be rewarded. I want to build community for this blog and not spammers 🙂

Update : Due to some matters arising I have stop supporting Do Follow on Comment instead I make a comment luv

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