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Do You Need to Provide All Information ?

First of all you have to set up your goal in writing. What is your goal while writing, Is it because of fame and be known in your niche later or is it because you want to make more money online ?

Based on my observation, When you give complete information in your content it is unlikely to have an advertisers click from your visitors. The visitors tend to click the “X” mark at the right and then go away and forget your site.

So I believe that adding some space for more information about the subject makes visitors to roam around your site. It also gives possible click in your Advertiser’s Ads.

I also suggest to break your post into a different small post at about 200 to 300 words per article.

But if you would like to be known as an expert in your field in which later on you will harvest the fruits of your work. I would suggest to make quality and long articles that describes fully about the subject. And just wait to increase readership and accept direct advertisers that will pay Cost per CPM. ( By The Way, This might be a long wait )

Some says that small articles will not be SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )  friendly. Please be informed that on the other hand I have noticed that some small post tops at the SERP. It is because they have a good link building strategy.

Do you have any ideas about this subject let me know your ideas by commenting. And if we can get good results I will post it here and you will have a back link. but the choice is mine.

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