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Effective Linking With Your Old Post in 10 Steps

Some people have been asking on how to effectively link to your Old Post. And how is the proper way of doing it? My answer is just simple. Just follow the steps that will be discussed in this post and I am sure your reader will not be lost and also it will increase your SEO effort.

There might be some disagreement. As always this is based on my experience. Any other input is welcome. I love when somebody has some other information to share.

  1. What subject will you post today ?

    • It is important to know your subject before starting any strategy that you need to do. The reason is you need to focus on that subject.
  2. Search for your archives

    • Upon knowing your subject and the keywords that you need to optimized from your blog. You have to search from your archives the best post that you have ever made for that particular keywords. If you have selected it get its URL and begin linking to that page.
    • If you are using WordPress it will be easier to go to Manage >> Post and then search for any keyword to all your post archive.
  3. Link using the keyword that you want to optimize

    • Don’t just link it the way you want. You have to link it using the keywords that you need to optimized for that particular subject.
    • How just follow these syntax [ <a href=””>SEO</a> ]
    • The above example shows search engine that the links is all about SEO , because I use SEO as the anchor text of the link. Avoid using here,there,etc.. This will not help your SEO goals .
    • You may use also your other blogs to give some more links to that particular post.
  4. Expand your Subject to get another Post

    • You have to expand your subject into a digested post so that you can have a new post that can again be directed to your archived post that you need to be in # 1 of Google Search.
    • A subject can always be expanded. Sometime it can be expanded from those question that arise during comment discussion.
  5. Remember those post that you link before

    • Don’t forget to remember those post that you link to before since this post should be the only one to be link whenever you make any post that relates to that subject. With this method you are increasing the juice of that post that pushes to the # 1 spot of Search Engine.
  6. Do not make no follow on Internal Links

    • Don’t make no-follow links for your internal post. I only make no-follow for those site which I believe have tons of incoming links already. and that my link to them is not needed.
  7. Put Title on all your Internal links

  8. Do Not link to Category

    • Linking to your category tag of your blog is not healthy for your SEO concern since whenever the bot pass there and index it, It will show as a duplicate content with in your blog.
  9. Do not link to Month Archives

    • Like item 9, linking to Monthly archives is not healthy for your blog. Instead link at any post that you believe worthy to be in Google Top Spot.
  10. The post that you should optimize should have no Outgoing links

    • It is better to optimize an old post that has not external or internal links, Since upon having any links, it will just pass the juice that you want to build. But if you think those links need to be there, Try to put no-follow tag.

Below picture shows a proper way of internal Linking that helps the SEO concern. Since all link juice is being concentrated to the post at the center.

Below link strategy is not suggested since We don’t know what particular post needs to be optimized. One post is always leaking some juice.

I hope those How to tips will help you linking on your archives in a better way and leads to become a search engine friendly but annoying to your visitors. You may want to subscribed at my feeds via email.

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