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Filipino Problogger Interview in GMA-7

The recent interview of two known blogger became an eye opener to many. Filipinos are being aware that Blogging is not only a hobby, or something done by those people who are wasting time  but instead  a possible source of income.

According to the recent interview from Angelo Racoma and Abe Olandares, They show that a blogger may earn up to US $ 6,000.00 a month . But of course It can’t be done overnight . As a testimony, I got 2 cheques from AdSense since I started blogging  last December. Soon I will got the new one within next two weeks. As an other information, blogging is just for part-time.

I believe that the above mentioned figures came from different blogs that a blogger administer. You may not be an HTML expert to be able to earn from blogging. But I think having an HTML Knowledge is a good reason to improve the layout of the  blog. ( By the way I am not an expert with this things ).

Tech At Hand may give you only some ideas about earning from blogging, but I am focused on topics about Blogging ,Technology , SEO and related topics as well.

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