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How to Blog ? My Top 10 Blogging Tips

I just want to share you some Blogging Tips that I learn from my blogging experience. I started blogging last December 2006, and so here are my tips. It is up to you , If you will agree or not, You can comment freely and let us discuss the matters that may arise. Below picture shows blogging Steps. Taken at Fort Santiago, Philippines.

So here are my Top 10 Tips :

  1. Blog on niche or subject that you really know, and not those subject which to pretend to know. I can see blogs that blog about those subject that they really don’t know. They just pick information in the net and compile it on their blog. I believe it is not fair.
  2. Show expertise on your niche to be able to get the trust of your reader, You must be able to answer question which pertains to your blog subject.
  3. Be friendly both Offline and Online events. remember without your reader your blog is useless.Try to respond to the comments that they have written in your blog and got to their blog and comment also. You may also try to subscribe to their Feeds so that you will able to know the latest information about that blog.
  4. Write for your readers and not for the Search Engine, I sometime write for search engine but I make sure that those post do not appear on the homepage. So that it will not disrupt my new visitors.
  5. Learn how to make research on proper keyword to be used. As the saying goes there are many ways to cook an egg. So be sure to cook it properly and tasty.
  6. Learn how to apply SEO on your post, This is most of the time being neglected. Always remember hat if you want to earn something from your online presence, Visitors coming from the Search Engine are your probable customers.
  7. If you really like to blog and make a brand for your blog, why don’t you spend $10 for your domain name and some money for your host. A blog looks more professional when domain name does not come from free hosting site. And consider making a good graphics for your new blog.
  8. If you are just gaining visitors and you would like to promote your blog, Be sure your blog has enough good information before you advertise or market your blog.
  9. Know how to use the social book marking sites and learn to get your analytics.
  10. Make a very strong Password to avoid being Hacked.

So here are my Top 10 Blogging Tips. Hope you like it, What about you do you have any tips to share ?

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