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Updates : November 9,2008

Well I just found out that this post { Which was made May 2007 } is attracting more and more visitors everyday as per analytics. So this is my updates..

How do I really increase my Blog Ranking ?

Well there are no secrets with my success it is just proper link building and proper collaboration with other blogger within my niche. I have details lots of post in this blog that pertains to Blogging and SEO.; { What Is Blogging? }

If you are into blogging, Later you will find yourself looking for some SEO Tips to increase your ranking, such as PR ( Page Rank ) , SERP, Subscribers, and Comments and I believe the following Articles I wrote before will help you find what you are looking for.

What are my Blogging Tips

In order for you to increase your ranking understanding what is blogging is the first subject you need to understand. I have here some Blogging tips that will give you an idea on how to be a great blogger. Well as what I have told you this are my archives. But If you have any question don’t hesitate to leave comments and ask anything about the topic.

if we can increase our output with in a specified limited time I suggest using a Blogging Authoring Tool is a must for a blogger to have

Advertising your blog so that others may find it is also a great tool in order for your blog to rank. Of course if lots of bloggers knows you they might link to great contents that you have in your blog. and here are my advertising tips

Knowing your site statistics is also a must in bringing your Site Rank Higher, Because by knowing your statistics you will be able to know what you need to do more

Your site Physical Outlook is also a must to be great

Learning SEO is your last thing to do if you have learn already the basics of Blogging, SEO will bring you new visitors from Search Engines and here are my suggestion. { BTW this are only some of my suggestion you can check my SEO category in order for you too see all my thoughts about SEO

But it is not always SEO sometimes you need some tricks in order to reach the top 🙂

So I hope those links will help you in your search on How to increase Blog Ranking | Rank

Old Post >>>>>
I am now in my quest to increase my visitors and and to have a higher blog rank and this post come to my way ” 20 Steps to Increase Your Blog’s Ranking 10X “. I recommend this good post which is made by a christian blogger. The author has lots of experimentation regarding blog ranking. I have tried some of his suggestion and I am still experimenting on other tips that has been provided.

His blogs gives recommendation which i believe will be a great help to other me and other blogger as well.

Here are some other articles that I read that really helped me improve my blog ranking.

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I do hope you will find above article useful.

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