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Knowledge in Photoshop is a Great Tool For Blogging

Blogging is expressing idea about anything under the sun, or in blogging terminology we call it niche. I believe that learning Photoshop is also one of must to learn in blogging if you want to put some style or express yourself in your blog. Or if you love putting some picture for your site. Karlo is one of known blogger in Pinoy Blogosphere that uses comics in expressing his thoughts in blogging an I do believe that it is made from Photoshop.

All you have to do is to get a copy of Photoshop program and start learning things about it. I am not an expert in photoshop but I used to download Photoshop Plugin & Photoshop Masking that will suit my needs. If you have time to read you can always refer to Photoshop Tutorial .

I often use Photoshop in doing pictures that I float in left or right of my post. Although you can also used other software but I believed Photoshop is still the best. It might not be too user friendly but when You get to know about it’s features you will be happy use it.

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