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My Hotel in Al Joub, Saudi Arabia has an Internet connection

It is good to know that the Hotel here in Al Joub Saudi Arabia has an Internet connection ( Hotel name is Adamato ). And take note they have 21.0 MBps connection. This might not be 5 star hotel but still it is connected with the net and they are giving their guest a chance to blog and even to write and read email. and since I am very busy i was not able to blog at the hotel

I am now at our office connected thru WIFI @ 41 MBPS . In a deserted area like this , I did not expect to have this facility.

Just for information this area does not even have any store for me to buy toys for my kids, And yet there is Internet connection anywhere from the Project site to the hotel. It is a 2 hr plane flight from Riyadh.

It only means that Internet connection is now expanded thru out Saudi Arabia.

I just hope that when I arrive Riyadh Tonight my DSL Connection is ready.

BTW thanks to Mc Billy for linking to my site.

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